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Ukulele Lessons


So, you came back from Hawaii with a ukulele. Now you just need ukulele lessons! Fortunately we have wonderful teachers, who are terrific with beginners.

We offer live online lessons – everywhere! As well as in-home ukulele lessons in the Los Angeles area. All ages are welcome – we’ve had ukulele students ranging from five years old to those in their 80’s.

And don’t worry, our teachers won’t mind showing you, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (even if it’s the 1001st time).  Of course, there is a big world of ukulele music to explore – so prepare to broaden your horizons!   Give us a ring! (310) 893-0776

Dylan Moon

Dylan has been playing guitar for 22 years and teaching private lessons for 8 years. He received his Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music, specializing in guitar and music production. Dylan has experience teaching students of all ages and learning abilities. His teaching approach is open and individualized. He loves helping students explore their particular interests, whether that is songwriting, improvisation, learning a favorite song, or just getting the basics. He has played…

Guitar lessons - Los Angeles - Red Pelican Music - Sebastien 3


One rainy Sunday afternoon in central Massachusetts, a restless 9-year-old Sebastien dug through his closet to find an old classical guitar, and a lifelong obsession began.  Sebastien spent his collegiate years as a Presidential Scholar at the University of Southern California’s prestigious Studio/Jazz Guitar Program studying jazz and classical guitar performance, theory, composition and songwriting while playing everything from jazz, bossa nova, rock, R&B, flamenco, fusion and funk, to blues, slide guitar…

Music software and recording lessons Los Angeles - Red Pelican Music - Ryan 13


A dazzling guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Ryan is terrific with rock, pop, jazz, blues, classical, folk and more.  Fortunately, since Ryan is such a nice, laid-back person, you’ll find his talent inspiring, rather than intimidating.  Ryan’s instrumental specialities include guitar, ukulele and bass. Ryan’s other love is recording.  He’s a Pro Tools, Logic and Sibelius expert, and an all-around recording guru, so if you don’t see him holding a guitar, he’s behind a mixing…

Latin guitar lessons - Los Angeles - Red Pelican Music - Will - 4


Will holds a degree in Music Education and loves working with students of all ages and backgrounds. A stellar multi-instrumentalist and studio musician, Will teaches guitar, ukulele, mandolin, bass and tres. He enjoys helping students explore their favorite styles of music and learn to record their instruments with Logic and GarageBand. As Will says, “I believe that each student is unique, and in turn that should be reflected in lessons. I strive…

Guitar Lessons Los Angeles - Red Pelican Music - Ethan 2


Ethan is a superb musician, who enjoys teaching guitar, banjo, ukulele and mandolin in a wide range of styles. He creates individualized lesson plans for each of his students, based on their unique interests. “For me,” Ethan says, “music is about connection and communication. As a teacher, that means imparting information in a way that captivates and motivates the student, helping them discover the joy of making music, regardless of their skill…