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About Red Pelican Music

Music Lessons Los Angeles - Red Pelican Music - Brian Robbins

Brian Robbins, founder of Red Pelican Music, several years ago 😉

We are a local company, and pride ourselves on having only the best, hand-picked teachers, and the finest customer service.

We offer lessons on a very wide-range of instruments.  From popular instruments like piano and guitar, to unusual instruments, such as banjo and pedal steel.  For technology-oriented students, we have terrific software and recording, and electronic music production lessons.  We probably have you covered!

Our instructors hold music degrees from top conservatories and universities, and are chosen for their outstanding teaching ability, enthusiasm and patience.

A bit about our philosophy

There are a variety of music teacher stereotypes: a) The grumpy old-fashioned by-the-book piano teacher b) The disorganized, flaky guitar teacher c) The intimidating drum drill sergeant … and the list goes on.

You’ll be happy to know that none of these folks work with Red Pelican Music!

In contrast, our teachers are inspiring, organized, talented and caring, and our customer service is warm and friendly.

Our teachers develop their own curriculum, to fit the unique goals and interests of each student.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive music education, but in a fun way.  We look for ways of integrating music theory into real world examples, incorporating the stylistic interests of the student.

A quick example:

Say the task is to learn chords in the key of “G.” This could be accomplished with a traditional exercise. Lots of drilling. Play the “G” chord. Now practice switching to the “C” chord. Repeat…ad nauseum.

In contrast, imagine that the same chords were taught in the context of a Beatles song. Not only would this be more enjoyable, the student would have the benefit of a real-world scenario. This is inspiring, and facilitates faster learning. Of course, the Beatles may not be your cup of tea, but we could just as easily be talking about Beethoven or John Coltrane. The point is simply to connect these kind of learning experiences to the student’s musical inspirations.

At Red Pelican Music, our goal is simple –  to provide you, the student, with an extraordinary musical experience!