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How do I get started?

Just give us a ring – (310) 439-9798, or visit our sign-up page.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Do we ever! We can even email a personalized certificate that you can print out the same day (just in case you forgot someone’s anniversary 😉

Just fill out our quick gift certificate form!

How much do lessons cost?

Prices depends on a few things – lesson length, location, etc.  Please visit our prices page for all the specifics.

How often are lessons?

Two-lessons-per-week is the sweet spot for many students, but optimal lesson frequency really depends a variety of factors – work ethic, goals, speed in assimilating skills, etc.

For some students, who are more casual in their approach, one-lesson-per-week works nicely.  And those who are looking to really accelerate their progress, 3-lessons per week are recommended.

How does payment work?

*Lessons are prepaid automatically in packages of 4 credits. When payment is due, we charge your card, and email a receipt. Easy as pie!

What is your rescheduling/cancellation/attendance policy?

We require at least 24hrs notice to reschedule lessons. We ask students to please be as consistent as possible with attendance, since you are reserving a place in your teacher’s calendar that is unavailable to other students.

If you are sick on the day of your lesson, please stay home, as a consideration to your teacher and other students. Please let us know, but kindly understand that our 24hr policy applies, as it would be too late to offer your spot to another student.

How long do lesson credits last?

Lesson credits never expire, but they are ineligible for refund after 6 months.

What kind of notice is expected for discontinuing lessons?

Once you are a regular student, we expect 30 days notice – this allows us to smoothly fill your soon-to-be open time, with minimal disruption, and maximal courtesy to your teacher.

If you are a brand new student, and need to stop lessons, kindly give us as much notice as possible.

Can I do a trial lesson?

Due to the popularity of our teachers, we don’t offer trial lessons, but our policy should make you very comfortable. If your first lesson is not your cup-of-tea, all you would need to do is call or email, and we’d be happy to arrange for you to either work with a different teacher, or have a full refund of your remaining (unused) lessons. We want you to be happy!

How long are lessons?

We recommend 60 minute lessons for most adults and teenagers, and 30 minute lessons for the very young.  45 minute lessons are typically for those in-between.

Students doing technology/recording or multiple instruments ie. piano/voice, often prefer longer lessons ie. 90 or 120 minutes.

What should bring to my first lesson?

You’ll fill out a new student questionnaire as a part of your sign-up, so your teacher will already have a good idea of your goals, interests, and musical tastes.

All you need to bring:  your instrument, a music notebook, and a pencil.

If you are a guitar student, you don’t need to bring an amp – just your guitar.

You are also encouraged to bring any music you enjoy or would like to explore.

*If you don’t have an instrument, it’s ordinarily okay to use one of your teacher’s extra instruments during your lesson.  Just please ask first.

Why “Red Pelican?”

The combination of a noun and a color worked nicely as a logo 😉