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Founded in 2009, Red Pelican Music works with elite musicians who love to teach, and enjoy the flexibility of being independent contractors. Set your own schedule, choose the students you’d like to accept, use your own lesson plans, and teach from anywhere – online, your studio, or your student’s home.

Our goal is to be a complimentary part of the overall life of a professional musician.  On a typical day, you might compose, do session work, teach independently and/or with other companies, and do a gig at night.  As a musician-run company, we see this as perfectly normal and enjoy being a complimentary part of the picture.  Helping to fill in the gaps, so to speak.

If we sound like a nice fit to help your business, please reach out!

*Don’t be shy, but kindly note that we expect prospective teachers have degrees from highly-regarded programs (often graduate level), as well as significant teaching experience.