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May 21, 2021

Sing, Sing, Sing! Meet Ashley, Our Voice Coach

Ashley is an exceptional voice coach. As a pro session singer, featured on “The Voice,” she is super-versatile, able to seamlessly move from pop/r&b to country without skipping a beat, and sounding as if she specializes in each genre along the way!  Ashley loves giving piano and voice lessons to students of all ages. Please enjoy our interview and give us a ring to... Read more
April 14, 2021

Buying a Keyboard – Advice for New Piano Students

Pianos are wonderful instruments, and lessons are perfect for all ages. (Yes, adults can learn how to play piano too!) These days, many people opt for a nice keyboard instead of purchasing an actual piano. A good quality keyboard will play and sound like a real piano, but have number of benefits, such as price, portability, no need for regular tuning, and the ability... Read more