About Red Pelican Music

Brian Robbins, Director, Red Pelican Music, Los Angeles

Brian Robbins – Guitar Teacher and Boss – several years ago ;-)

There are a variety of music-teacher stereotypes: a) The grumpy old-fashioned by-the-book piano teacher b) The disorganized, flaky guitar teacher c) The intimidating drum drill sergeant … and the list goes on.

While I’ve met plenty of these characters, I’ve never found them to be effective teachers. In contrast, the Red Pelican approach integrates music theory into real world examples — customized to the stylistic interests of the student.

A quick example:

Say the task is to learn chords in the key of “G.” This could be accomplished in several ways. 1) a traditional exercise. Lots of drilling. Play the “G” chord. Now practice switching to the “C” chord. Repeat…ad nauseum.

In contrast, imagine that the same chords were taught in the context of a Beatles song. Not only would this be more enjoyable, the student would have the benefit of a real-world scenario. This is inspiring and facilitates faster learning. Of course, the Beatles may not be your cup of tea. The point is to gear these kind of learning experiences towards the students record collection.

At Red Pelican Music, you’ll find teachers who share this approach. We’ve hired the best and brightest – graduates of top music schools, who have outstanding communication abilities.

The goal is simple. To provide you, the student, with an extraordinary musical experience.

– Brian Robbins
Founder, Red Pelican Music