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Red Pelican Music offers the finest private music lessons in Los Angeles.  We don’t sell instruments, but we’ll teach you to play one! (lessons only).   Learn from world-class teachers in the comfort of your home, teacher’s studio, or via Skype (video).  We offer Piano, guitar, voice, bass, drums/percussion, dobro, banjo, music software/recording, songwritingsaxophone, flute, clarinet, violin, violacello, mandolin, pedal steel, charango and ukulele lessons.  We also offer terrific personalized same-day gift certificates!

Our teaching approach is individualized, comprehensive and fun!  We work with students of all ages, styles and skill levels, and serve the greater Los Angeles area.  Call us!  You’re probably in our coverage area!

Lessons are tailored to the unique goals and stylistic interests of the student.  A typical session will involve technique, theory, and a song project – build your skills, while playing the music you love!

Our instructors are elite rock, jazz and classical musicians hand-picked for their teaching ability, enthusiasm and patience.  Our teachers hold music degrees from prestigious conservatories and universities including, Berklee College of Music, CalArts, New England Conservatory, Boston Conservatory, MI, USC, UCLA, and U.C. Berkeley.

Play the music you love!

Guitar Lessons • Piano Lessons • Drums/Percussion Lessons • Voice Lessons • Bass Lessons • Dobro Lessons • Banjo Lessons •  Saxophone Lessons • Flute Lessons • Clarinet Lessons • Songwriting Lessons • Ukulele Lessons • Charango Lessons • Violin Lessons • Viola Lessons • Cello Lessons • Mandolin Lessons • Pedal Steel Lessons • Music Software Lessons (Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, Sibelius, Finale, Ableton, Digital Performer, and more).

What's New?

Happy Holidays 2013!

December 19, 2013 • Brian Robbins • No Comments

Greetings Friends, This is my first-ever attempt at a Red Pelican Music newsletter! We’ve grown a lot in the last 4+ years.  We are now home to 20 of the most amazing music teachers you’ll find anywhere, and offer top-notch lessons on an ever-expanding variety of instruments.  Have you always wanted to learn pedal steel or ukulele?  We’ve got you covered! … Read more

Getting Started with Banjo

August 25, 2013 • Brian Robbins • No Comments

Info and recommended materials Short version:  Get the Deering Goodtime banjo, some fingerpicks, a cheap good tuner, and the classic Earl Scruggs 5-string banjo book. Long version:  There are a variety of considerations when getting started with banjo.  The first choice is what kind of banjo.  There are a few basic options:  5-string, tenor, plectrum, … Read more

Red Pelican Music on Facebook, Twitter, etc. . .

October 28, 2011 • Brian Robbins • No Comments

Feeling lonely?  You can now make a friend of Red Pelican Music.  We’re now on a variety of social media platforms.  Take a moment to “like” us!  Here are the links: Facebook Twitter Thanks!