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Red Pelican Music offers the finest private music lessons in Los Angeles.  We don’t sell instruments, but we’ll teach you to play one! (lessons only).   Learn from world-class teachers in the comfort of your home, teacher’s studio, or via Skype (video).

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After you complete the form, we’ll reach-out to explore options, and set everything up for you!

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c) If you just discovered Red Pelican Music, please take a moment to browse our site. Click on an instrument to read about our teachers, or give us a ring if you’re feeling chatty 😉 We’ll look forward to hearing from you! (310) 893-0776

We offer Piano, guitar, voice, bass, drums/percussion, dobro, banjo, music software/recording, songwritingsaxophone, flute, clarinet, harpviolin, violacello, mandolin, pedal steel, charango and ukulele lessons.  Even electronic music production and DJ lessons!  We also have terrific personalized same-day gift certificates!

Our teaching approach is individualized, comprehensive and fun!  We work with students of all ages, styles and skill levels, and serve the greater Los Angeles area.  Call us!  You’re probably in our coverage area!

Lessons are tailored to the unique goals and stylistic interests of the student.  A typical session will involve technique, theory, and a song project – build your skills, while playing the music you love!

We are a local company and pride ourselves on having only the best hand-picked teachers and the finest customer service.  Our instructors are elite rock, jazz and classical musicians, chosen for their teaching ability, enthusiasm and patience.  Our teachers hold music degrees from prestigious conservatories and universities including, Berklee College of Music, CalArts, New England Conservatory, Boston Conservatory, MI, USC, UCLA, and U.C. Berkeley.

How it works:


Give us a ring – (310) 893-0776.

We’ll discuss your goals and interests, and pair you with the perfect teacher.  We’ll compare calendars, and find an optimal lesson time.

Next we’ll take care of payment, and send you our new student questionnaire, so you can tell your instructor everything you’d want them to know, and they can structure lessons to incorporate examples germane to your interests.

After you get started, we’ll reach-out to ask how everything is going.  Mostly we hear adjectives like, “awesome,” “great,” etc.  But just in case it’s not for you, just let us know and we’ll happily refund any unused lessons.   Zero risk.  We want everyone to be happy!

For more information and pricing, please visit our how it works page, or simply give us a ring: (310) 893-0776.  We love answering questions!

Want to speed things up? Fill out our quick enrollment form, and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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